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If you or someone you know is currently battling an addiction, you are likely wondering where to go for help. Rather than trying to solve the problem alone, you can turn to one of our drug rehab centers. We always strive to make each client feel safe and comfortable throughout the treatment process, providing clients with a reliable path to recovery. At our Ashville, North Carolina substance abuse treatment facility, we will do what it takes to help our clients overcome addiction.


Importance of Supervised Detox

Once addiction takes hold and impacts the mind and body, suddenly trying to quit can be a shock the system. Those who enroll in one of our programs will learn that using a supervised detox plan will make their recovery as pleasant and safe as possible. If you opt for our Ashville, North Carolina drug rehab facility, you will know that you are in good hands. As an effective addiction recovery strategy, a supervised detox program will work wonders for getting your life back on track.


Importance of a Dual Diagnosis

Since other mental health conditions can contribute to drug addiction, dual diagnosis mental health treatment can be a vital part of the puzzle. Once a client seeks our help with overcoming a drug addiction, our team will look for the root of the problem. When our addiction recovery center finds and treats underlying issues, completing the addiction recovery program becomes much easier.


Access to Support Groups

Even with the right team of professionals on hand, overcoming a drug addiction is a challenging process for many clients, and a lot of people feel as though they are alone. When people come to us for help, our addiction recovery facility will provide them with access to support groups. Speaking with peers about drug addiction and the problems that go with it show our clients that they are not alone. They can support, encourage and inspire each other to remain on the right path.


Mutual Trust and Respect

After you have decided to take advantage of our Ashville, North Carolina addiction treatment center, you will want to know that you can trust the team tasked with overseeing your recovery. Being able to trust them will allow you to speak openly about your addiction and its symptoms. Armed with the right information, the experts at our drug detox clinic will be able to come up with a plan that makes sense for you and your situation.


Unique Treatment Plans

At some drug rehab centers, the staff will apply the same approach and treatment plan to each client. The clients who come to our addiction treatment facility have different needs and backgrounds, so each requires a unique touch. We will put in the effort to get to know you and the events that have contributed to your current problem. This will let us work with you and enable you to make progress on your terms.


Treatment Overview

If you are serious about overcoming your drug addiction and want to move forward, learn about our treatment process. The moment a client arrives, our first task is to make the client comfortable and to learn about the problem. We will then determine what approach will offer the highest success rate. If the client needs it, we will start the supervised detox program. Our clients will then have access to support groups and other programs aimed at keeping them on track with their goals.



Once a client has completed our treatment program, we will still stand by the client’s side to offer support and guidance. Having access to support groups is important for anyone who wants to avoid relapsing. We always encourage our clients to stay in contact with each other and to hold each other accountable. When people with the same objective work toward a brighter future together, they will optimize their odds of reaching their goals.