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Finding the right addiction treatment facility can be a challenge. A reputable addiction recovery center should offer top notch care and a welcoming environment where clients feel comfortable throughout treatment. Our drug rehab center in Marlton, New Jersey offers clients several key advantages that will aid them on the road to recovery and give them the best opportunity for an addiction-free life.

Supervised Detox

One of the most crucial times in a client’s recovery is the initial detox from harmful substances. At our Marlton drug detox clinic, we make sure that this process is monitored at all times. Our clients’ health and comfort is of the utmost importance to us, and we supervise all detox efforts at our addiction recovery facility in Marlton o make sure they are done safely. Clients can feel comfortable in the knowledge that their progress is being closely monitored to assure their well-being.

Dual Diagnosis

As drug addiction does not occur in a vacuum, there are often underlying or concurrent mental health issues as well. Addison Recovery addiction treatment centers are dual diagnosis facilities. This means that we are able to treat the addiction as well as any other mental health issues that may be contributing. Since these can be interdependent, it is best to treat both simultaneously, which can greatly improve the addiction recovery outcome.

Safe Facilities

Addison Recovery drug rehab centers are safe places for clients to focus on recovery. We pride ourselves on using best practices to insure clients’ safety at all times. It’s important to feel safe and secure while receiving treatment, and we use industry standard measures to give clients the best experience without them having to concern themselves about their safety.


Our Marlton drug rehab facility is a community. We strive to make it a comfortable environment for clients to grow and recover. We understand that one of the best forms of encouragement is for clients to support each other. Everyone is working towards the goal of recovery, and we believe by helping each other along the way, our clients will be encouraged and motivated to work hard to reach their goals. We have a community atmosphere, and our clients benefit tremendously as a result.


One of the biggest assets to a client’s recovery is truthfulness. Our addiction treatment center in Marlton is designed to be a comfortable environment where honesty is expected and applauded. It is our hope that clients will find it less difficult to be completely truthful in an environment where the importance of honesty is well-known and highly regarded.

Individualized treatment

No two clients are exactly alike. Therefore, no two treatment plans should be exactly alike. At our addiction treatment facility in Marlton, clients are treated as individuals and each is given a treatment plan that reflects his or her specific needs and goals. Our staff works diligently to create a plan that is best for each person. We take the time to understand each client’s’ situation and individual issues to devise a plan that is most suitable for them.


We understand that recovery does not end when a client leaves our center and we arrange individualized aftercare for each client. This care could include specialized therapies, living arrangements, or any other resources the client might need to keep recovery going as he or she starts this new chapter of life. We remain active in helping our clients reach their recovery goals. Aftercare is one of our most beneficial features because it gives clients the ability to take the next step after the addiction recovery program without being alone.

Our drug rehab center in Marlton, New Jersey gives clients a great chance at recovery. We care about each individual and are committed to ensuring safety, comfort, community, and support. If you or someone you know is searching for a substance abuse treatment facility, please consider contacting Addison Recovery to learn more about how we can help.