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Getting a loved one into a drug rehab facility can be an incredibly difficult process. Once an individual becomes dependent on drugs, they will do everything in their power to avoid going to an addiction recovery program. Some of these individuals believe they don’t have a problem while others become outright hostile whenever they are approached. Helping a loved one who has a substance abuse problem is never easy, but the steps you take in the coming weeks could change their life forever. Our team of addiction recovery specialists at Addison Recovery is ready to help you or your loved one rebuild lives from the ground up with the tools needed to avoid relapses.

Identifying Substance Abuse Problems

One of the most unusual aspects of addictions is that family and friends often deny there is a problem as well. They might believe that their loved one has full control over their substance abuse problems or they will eventually quit on their own. Unfortunately, those beliefs can become a major problem down the road. Your loved one will continue to damage their body and mind until they finally come to our drug rehab center in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Identifying an addiction isn’t always as straightforward as many people believe. Those who are struggling with substance abuse are often able to hide their addiction for many years. Some of these individuals hold down jobs or seem to be loving parents. Specialists agree that substance abuse has evolved into an addiction if an individual fails to stopping using their drug of choice when it is negatively impacting some aspect of their life. Even if they seem happy and successful, the abuse of any powerful substance will eventually do irreversible damage.

Finding Help

From the moment that you contact our Battle Creek addiction treatment center, our team will begin formulating a plan to help you or your loved one. These situations are extremely complicated, and there is no single tactic that works for everyone. Depending on different factors such as the severity of the addiction and how long it has been taking place, your loved one might need to head to a drug detox clinic to overcome the initial stages of withdrawal. Others will go straight to the substance abuse treatment facility in Battle Creek to begin their long-term treatments.

Stepping Into an Addiction Recovery Facility

Our team of specialists at the rehab in Battle Creek can provide you or your loved one all the services you need to fully overcome the addiction. We know just how hard this process can be, and that is why we offer comprehensive treatment options to those who need professional help. As soon as the client arrives at the addiction recovery center in Battle Creek, they will meet with a trained rehab specialist to begin uncovering the root causes of their substance abuse.

Many family members and friends don’t realize that addictions are complex diseases that often stem from many different issues. In some cases, an individual will abuse drugs to overcome past trauma or deal with mental health disorders. Others start taking painkillers to cope with injuries only to find out that they have taken over their thoughts and actions. In order to permanently overcome the addiction, all of those issues must be addressed.

Treatment Options

No two addictions are identical, and that means no single treatment method will work for everyone. At our addiction treatment facility in Battle Creek, Michigan, our team will come up with a personalized plan for your loved one. These treatments often include a variety of services ranging from personal counseling to cognitive behavioral therapy. We can also help you with family counseling services so you can rebuild your relationships. While some clients only need help for a short period, most benefit from staying at the Addison Recovery facility for at least 30 days. At that point, they can then transition to an outpatient aftercare program for ongoing help and support.