Gretna, LA

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Becoming dependent on drugs can ruin your life. What was a fun thing at first can turn into a nightmare. However, we can steer you toward recovery at our drug rehab center, where the problem is recognized and people are dedicated to helping you defeat your drug habit.

Our addiction recovery center, located in Gretna, Louisiana, is staffed with personnel highly trained in helping clients shed this problem. You will find that they are devoted to helping you recover your life and be able to live life as it was meant to be.

Prior to admittance to the clinic, you will undergo complete physical and psychosocial examinations. These examinations will be conducted by highly trained personnel who understand the problems you are having with your drug addiction problem.

As a drug rehab facility, we test your drug dependency and your tolerance to withdrawal. We will devote all of our knowledge and skills to developing an addiction recovery program that is designed to meet your particular needs.

Personnel in our addiction recovery facility are highly trained in all areas of drug addiction. They know the pain you are going through and will guide you through your recovery. We focus on your individual needs with an aim to wean you off drugs and let you resume a happy and fulfilling life.

At our substance abuse treatment facility, we realize that clients react differently to drug withdrawal and we are prepared to design our drug detox clinic program to suit your particular needs. This assures you that the process will be done slowly to help you become completely free of the dependence on drugs.

Drugs affect not only the mind but can affect other parts of the body as well. This is makes it imperative that highly trained and licensed professionals monitor this part of your body to determine if special treatments are required.

Our addiction treatment facility is especially designed to provide a comfortable environment. You will have a private room and freedom to roam our beautiful grounds. You will be encouraged to mingle with other clients and take part in any of our art, music, adventure groups, and other activities. There will be individual and group counseling sessions.

Our addiction treatment center is especially designed for comfort and safety. Visitors are carefully screened and may not be allowed during your first week of treatment. However, as you recover, family and friends are welcome.

We are proud of our Gretna, Louisiana substance abuse treatment center and our long list of recovered clients who are now living life as it was meant to be lived. We also provide an extensive program for those who have finished their addiction recovery.

This follow up program includes outpatient treatment, group counseling and individual therapy which assures that you will not fall back into old drug habits. Monitoring may be done at various times during the week to help you avoid situations which tempt you to return to drug use.

Our outpatient aftercare treatment allows you to live at home and attend the clinic a few times a week at your convenience. This includes scheduled outpatient appointments at our facility. Group counseling meets with a group and share experiences regarding their addiction and how they have overcome it. Research has shown that those who take advantage of the aftercare program have a lower rate of a return to drug use.

Being drug free is a wonderful thing and allows you to enjoy the kind of life you deserve. When you’re ready to get the treatment you need, get in touch and we’ll provide you with the support you need.